With extremists like Donald Trump on the ballot it has never been more important for the Democratic Party to increase its efforts in the Hispanic and Latino community. As your Hispanic Caucus representative on the State Democratic Executive Committee I will work in partnership with party leaders to increase representation and resources devoted to our community.


Over the past few years Texas Republicans have increased outreach and resources into Democratic strongholds like the Rio Grande Valley and El Paso. I want to work with party leadership against this trend by strengthening community ties with Hispanic organizations and grassroots activists across Texas. Let’s work together to increase dialogue between our many different regions and fight back against the GOP’s efforts.


In recent years Hispanics have seen monumental losses in representation in Houston and Dallas. For example, in Houston, over 46% of the city is made up of Latinos, yet only one out of sixteen elected representatives in city government is Hispanic. I want to work with party leadership and democratic activists to increase Hispanic representation across Texas. This means increasing outreach to Hispanic opportunity districts and working with local communities to ensure our people have a voice in municipal, county, and state government.


Over 60% of the growth in Texas in the last decade has been in the Latino community. In a state with an increasingly younger, growing population, Texas Democrats must increase the amount of resources devoted to outreach and education for young Hispanics. I want to work with party officials to increase the amount of dollars used to get out the vote in our communities. In addition, I will fight to increase the number of Spanish-speaking grassroots ambassadors and party officials dedicated to engaging Hispanics.

Vote James Lee for Hispanic Caucus at the Texas Democratic Convention on Friday, June 17 in San Antonio.

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